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Endless Summer

S/S 2021

"Endless Summer" Imagined...

"Endless Summer"-Rooted in improvement of past design, a subtle touch of elevation and boundless comfortability; while introducing top and bottom pairings, bold graphics, and accessories to our audience. 

Traditional basics reimagined, adapted and updated in the form of cozy trans-seasonal fits. Understated finishes and artisanal dye techniques to flow seamlessly alongside our cottons. Despite being apart of our Spring/Summer offering we wanted to create enduring pieces that withstand the test of time and season. 

Inspired by travels to foreign countries during times of the pandemic, witnessing life almost come to a standstill there was an important time to be present; quiet and observant. We chose to incorporate the olive branch, a symbol of peace and hope during times of uncertainty and disaster. Within the walls of peace, encircled in Latin are the words "Pray for Peace, Pray for Love." Centered at the core of these powerful words and symbols is Leché. This is the foundation of everything, the key to growth. We invite you to experience, Endless Summer.


Presenting Leché Los Angeles hand made dip-dye collection. Attempting to capture the rays of color cast as the sun sets, we used experimental and artisanal dye methods to create a limited run of individually unique garments. Hand dyed in Los Angeles, California, home to some of the most talented artisans in the world. We crafted these to fit effortlessly into your wardrobe and be a statement piece guaranteed to garner attention.

DTX_2880 2.jpg

Expounding on the signature series cursive logo, we decided to beef it up to show dimension and emblazoned it on our all new lounge hoodies and shorts. Perfect cotton knit garments for the perfect cozy outing. Whether pairing the hoodie underneath a sports coat with jeans for a sophisticated casual look or the shorts with your favorite Leché T-shirt, these will definitely become your summer favorite. 


Endless Sumer

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