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Collegiate Collection

F/W '21

An Organic Future

A message from founder, Christian LaDon: 

"This collection is very near and dear to my heart because since the inception of the brand the number one thing I've always wanted to do was create a jogger and hoodie collection that I was proud of. The Winter offering of the Collegiate Collection is essentially that. A justifiably premium choice in sweats...


...There's always been this notion that sweats can't be luxury, well I definitely beg to differ. This collection challenges this notion with every detail. From the quality in composition and weight of these 100% organic cotton garments, to the overall construction, down to the level of details in color and finish. Everything about these sweats are luxury! I want to continue to challenge these 'perceived standards' with each new release while creating a new standard. One shaped in our image and likeness. "  

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Inspired by university life and the feeling of freedom that comes with attending college, we wanted to create a graphic as strong as those of the top Ivy league schools. One that possesses a distinctiveness and longevity. One that our customers would be proud to sport. 

This collection also features, bold 'Puff Print' lettering; a first in the brand's history. Creating a look that undeniably will stand out in any and every crowd. However, even as we make strides towards advancement, we kept with traditional fashion by making sure the logo is showcased large for all to see.

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We decided to increase the product offering with our premium Cashmere beanie accessory for headware. Hand knit in LA, these Merino wool and Cashmere blended beanies are as durable as they are stylish. Boasting the signature Leché logo on the front brim in a dyed to match premium high stitch-count threading.

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Collegiate Collection

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