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"Journey Back Home"

A/W 2020

Paying homage to the prolific brands that came before, Leché Los Angeles has launched a timeless, wardrobe-staple collection. 


With versatility in mind, the Timothy T-shirt was crafted with our signature Milk Drop Crown hand embroidered on the left breast. Whether the need for a lightweight, breathable shirt for a run, or pairing with your favorite sports coat and slacks for a business casual look, The Timothy Tee will become your new favorite go-to shirt no matter the occasion or season. 


Looking to supplant our mark in the world, we wanted to highlight the Milk Drop Crown on this release and get our audience used to seeing the crown in all its glory. Only Kings and Queens wear crowns, so to put on the "MDC" is to align yourself with royalty. We want to strengthen the minds of our audience because Mindset is always the first step to conquering any battle and becoming your best self. Hand stitched with premium embroidery, this piece will definitely become and understated favorite.

dsc01068 2.JPG

Test of a Man

The test of the man is the fight that he makes

The grit that he daily shows;

The way he stands upon his feet,

and takes life's numerous bumps and blows.

A coward can smile when there's naught to fear.

and nothing his progress bars.

But it takes a man to stand and cheer,

while the other fellow stars.

It isnt the victory after all

But the fight that a Brother makes

A man when driven against the wall, still stands

erect and takes the blows of fate with his head

held high, bleeding and bruised, and pale

is the man that will win, fate defied

for he isnt afraid to fail.

- Author Unknown


"Journey Back Home"

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